Holiday Preparations #3 | Accessories

It’s now only 3 days until I go on holiday (eek) so today’s post is about accessories! I’m not actually massively big on jewellery but I have picked up a few things.


Sunglasses – Sunglasses are obviously a holiday must have if you’re going somewhere with sun. I’m hoping for sun everyday and have three pairs of sunglasses to take with me just incase! This pink pair are my favourites and I got them from River Island.
Hair Scrunchies – I’ve grown to love scrunchies recently so I have stocked up on a few of them for my holibobs. This one came from Primark and it has pineapples all over it! So cute.
Butterfly Clips – I have been using these in my hair for well over a year now and I could not live without them – especially on holiday for that darn ‘pool hair’. I’ve been growing out the layers in my hair for ages now and these are so handy to keep  the shorter bits of hair away from my face.
Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture Perfume – This is a lovely sweet scent, perfect for Summer. I’m going to take this with me, but to be honest I may not end up wearing it because I seem to get bitten a crazy amount as it is without adding this to the equation.
Grey Felt Hat – Didn’t want a straw hat so I picked up a felt one! Not sure if I’ll wear it in the sun or just wear it in the evenings with my outfits. 

handbagsI’m going simple with handbags – one black bag and one brown. I’m pretty sure that black and brown will match all of my outfits, and it’s pointless trying to get match a bag to every outfit. I’m on a weight restriction, here!

Adiós Amigos x

Holiday Preparations #2 | Bikinis!

Hello Hello Hello,
This is the second of my holiday preparations posts, check out the first one to find out what’s in my holiday makeup bag. Today I am posting about the bikinis I’m taking with me. If you love a good warm summer holiday like me then one of the best parts is finding bikinis/tankinis/swimming costumes/birkinis (I’m trying to cover all eventualities, here) to take with you. I meant to work hard this year to get that Summer body I wanted, but I didn’t. So…yeah.

The only problem for me with bikinis is that I’m part of the ‘big boobed’, ‘small backed’ crew which makes it really hard to find bikinis that fit for a decent price. I could go to Bravissimo and find one which fits perfectly but it would set me back about £50 just for a bikini! However, if I was to walk into a highstreet shop and try on, say, a size 12 bikini top there’s no way it would fit me properly. ISSUES.

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Embrace the Crop Top


Crop tops have been pretty much everywhere for over a year now and I have always shied away from them on the basis that I’m ‘not toned enough’ or I’m ‘too fat’ for a crop top. Whenever I walk into a shop I always fall in love with a top until I realise it’s cropped and I just want to cry right there in the middle of Zara. As a UK12 with a pretty defined hourglass body shape I sometimes struggle to find clothes that I feel comfortable in because I’m scared that other people will judge me and think that I’m not skinny enough for what I’m wearing.

However, after reading SUMO (as discussed in previous blog post) I decided that enough was enough and that if I love a certain piece of clothing then why shouldn’t I wear them? Granted, I probably won’t be wearing these with non high-waisted jeans or skirts, I’m not quite brave enough for that yet, but it feels good to be able to walk into a shop and feel like I can buy whatever the hell I want. So, I went shopping at the weekend and bought myself five new crop tops to introduce into my summer wardrobe and thought I’d share them with you guys because, well, I love them.

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