NYC & Caribbean Dreaming


I’ve been missing AGAIN recently because i’ve been holiday which is a totally lame excuse for not posting, but y’know what I have some pretty pictures to make up for it.

On Monday I got back from a trip to New York followed by a Caribbean cruise stopping off at Bermuda, St Maarten, Puerto Rico and Haiti. This was my first cruise and I was unsure if I liked the whole idea of staying on a boat for 9 days, but it was undoubtedly amazing. Royal Caribbean made it the most enjoyable experience it could have possibly been with great staff, phenomenal food and brilliant entertainment.

We didn’t have long in New York and having already been and experienced most of the high profile tourist attractions we spent a lot of time shopping. However, we did take a 9/11 walking tour and visited the memorial before going to the observatory at the top of the One World Trade Center. I was only six years old in 2001 and obviously have since learned and been educated about the events of the 11th of September. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the events of the day and period surrounding 9/11 and it was entirely different to hear it from someone who lived in New York at the time. I wasn’t overly keen to do the tour, but I’m really glad that I did. The memorial consists of two beautiful waterfalls/reflecting pools surrounded by the names of everyone who died as a result of the attacks that day. The memorial plaza is equally as beautiful, a quiet space filled with trees, definitely a place you could go to sit in the sunshine and watch the world go by.

9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pool 9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pool

We also visited the Radio City Music Hall for a tour which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy but it was really interesting and our tour guide Alvin was hilarious. The designs inside the venue were incredible and y’know what? I got a picture with a ‘Rockette’ (if you’re from the UK this possibly doesn’t mean much to you because I literally had no idea, but google it cause they’ve got some serious high kicks).

Inside Radio City Music Hall

That’s pretty much it for New York. I walked. I shopped. I ate. I jet lagged.

Onto the cruise and the ship that we were lucky enough to step onto was the Anthem of the Seas. It’s so big I’m not entirely sure that it still counts as a ship, it’s more like a floating town.

Anthem of the Seas docked at Puerto Rico

One of my favourite stop offs was Puerto Rico purely because I loved all the coloured buildings. If I could choose to paint my house any colour it would definitely be orange. Therefore this is definitely my future house. San Juan also had A LOT of shops…and not cute little gift shops, think of any high street or high end shop and it was it there.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Haiti was really beautiful and for entirely different reasons. Royal Caribbean own the part of the island that the boat docks at – Labadee – so it did feel a bit like Disneyland, but there were so many cool activities to do there including a massive zip line 500 feet above the sea and a terrifying roller coaster down through the trees. It was so incredibly hot in Haiti that I may or may not have gone to the little kids water play area as a twenty year old adult just to cool down.

Haiti Labadee, Haiti

The part of St Maarten we visited was a bit less photogenic than the rest. Our taxi driver happily informed us that Donald Trump owns a house on the island – lucky them – along with many other high profile names. While we were there we visited the beach that planes have to fly really low over to land at the airport: you’ve probably seen a viral video or two on your Facebook. Bermuda was really cute, but my camera was obviously absent that day as I have virtually no photos of the occasion. I left without a ‘I survived the Bermuda Triangle’ t-shirt but in retrospect I regret not celebrating the occasion.

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